Seabright Safety Solutions specializes in consulting on the development, integration and implementation of complex safety and loss prevention processes designed specifically for the Textile Rental Laundry Industry.  Loss prevention and safety must integrate with quality, service and productivity in order to effectively reduce workplace injuries and property losses. 


Consulting and Operations

Meeting our clients where they are at in terms of safety and risk is the consulting model we follow to ensure that we can deliver a comprehensive program built to succeed in our client's business culture.  We provide solutions that meet loss prevention goals and align with business objectives.


We are available for special projects to meet our clients' time frame objectives. 


We are available to provide support for our clients' safety and loss prevention initiatives with immediate response to phone or email requests.  

Maintenance and Operations

After consulting, design, implementation, and testing, we are at our clients' side to provide real time metrics and loss prevention solutions. 

Consulting and Design

We will provide our clients with loss prevention that have proven effectiveness in the Textile Rental Laundry Industry.